ACO Multiline® sets new standards with its channel cross-section, the V- profile. The range is also based on a new idea; a universal channel body can be used for every nominal width and type of edge-rail for load classes A 15 to E 600.

The Multiline channel profile improves the drainage capacity and enhances the self-cleansing effect. The new side wall structure and the intelligent distribution of materials considerably increases the load-bearing strength and the overall stability.  This results in simpler installation even though the system has an extremely high load-bearing capacity.

The ACO Multiline® universal system is available with all gradient types which can also be freely combined with one another.

The complete tightness of the channel body; right up to the top of the edge rails and its very smooth surface; increases drainage volumes during extreme storms. The ACO safety rebate ensures that the channel body units are connected to one another with a 100% watertight seal. The new cast-in lip labyrinth seal ensures that the drainage system can be connected with a watertight seal to the drainage pipe system.

The different gratings can be freely combined independently of the channel bodies and are available in cast iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel and composite material.

ACO Multiline® easily complies with DIN EN 1433 specifications with a very large safety margin.


• Car parks / Garage Ramps

• Residential settings

• Architectural surfaces

• Pedestrian zones

• Landscaping

• Industrial surfaces

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