The ACO Polymer Concrete CR Sub Frame complete with F900kN ductile iron gratings was developed specifically for use with cast in - situ concrete channels to provide a strong, secure and durable solution by the prevention of loose gratings and the degrading of ordinary concrete at the channel surface.

Installed in airports in Saudi Arabia, Cairo International Airport and recently specified and ordered for the new King Shaka Airport in Durban South Africa.

The CR System has proved to be a simple and cost effect method of ensuring a solution to the surface problems that can be encountered by casting an all concrete channel.


                    Width                        Height   

              Internal       External          (External)

CR100         100           300                  120

CR150          150          350                  120

CR200          200          400                  120

CR300          300          500                  120

CR400          400          600                  120

CR500          500          700                  120

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